At Garner Stith Gray we have taken a different approach to the practice of law. A smaller footprint and lack of inflexible bureaucracy allows our firm to accommodate the needs of a diverse, elite client base. We leverage top-tier technology to make the practice of law more efficient and a better experience for our clients. Our cost-effective systems and low overhead enables us to offer efficient pricing and fee structures. We understand that legal problems can be costly; therefore, we are dedicated to providing the flexible support and resources our clients need to accomplish their personal and business objectives.


We established our firm based upon the desire to do the kind of work that is meaningful to us as attorneys, entrepreneurs, and the bedrocks of our families. We set out with one goal in mind: to be of service to those who need our assistance and entrust us to resolve their legal issues. Thus, providing excellent customer service is a cornerstone of our business operations. Our clients can expect their legal matters to be handled promptly and efficiently with exceptional levels of individualized and specialized attention. Our goal is to deliver favorable results and experiences to our clients so that we are an essential “go to” resource for all of their legal needs.